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hello you yes you seem cute don’t be afraid to talk to me goodbye uvu/


The Chimera

This is a collage made up of cutouts of various models’ flawless, Photoshopped skin and hair in magazines.  Until I added the dark cutouts for the eyeliner, it looked incredibly uncanny and sometimes just plain creepy.  It got me thinking about how hard society tries to conceal and smooth out any imperfections and differences, and how that’s more poisonous for our perception of reality than it seems at first glance.
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Thank you!!

Happy post to break up my numerous whiny ones: I am doing a triptych in art and at first I was like “I’m going to make this so deep and meaningful” but then I was like “nah son I feel like making curvy girls in cute dresses sitting on giant pieces of fruit”. So now I’m making cute paper dolls and cute paper fruit and cute paper dresses. Because I can.

I’m SICK and I want to DRAW but if I sit in front of a computer I will FALL ASLEEP


thehomelessone sent: Did I miss TMI Tuesday? Cause if not I wanted to know why you decided to do comics as your one-a-day thing?

Nope, TMI Tuesday is still going! 

There was literally zero planning or thought involved in starting the daily comics.  I think I’ve posted this before, but here’s a link a post I made within half an hour of having the idea.

As you can see, it was made at 11:18 pm five days before the start of the new year, and my first daily comic.  Really I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do something continuously for an entire year and not give up.  I haven’t missed a day yet :)

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