Daily Paint #640. HTTYD Stormfly by Cryptid-Creations
Anonymous sent: Do you prefer to follow a huge number of blogs so your dash is always full, or a smaller number so you know what you're getting from each person?

I follow a lot of blogs (currently 740), but the vast majority of them are art blogs and so they only post something ~once a week.  On my old account, I followed about the same number, maybe a hundred more, but they were all the “reblog everything that makes you vaguely have an emotion” kind of blogs, and I got really sick of it and overwhelmed by the time I deleted my old blog last December.  I’m a lot more selective about who I follow now, and I’m quick to unfollow if someone posts things I don’t actively care about.  Helps keep things under control :)

you probably didn’t want to read a whole paragraph about that gomen


Benjamin Cohen
Artist: Fall Out At The Disco
Track: Sugar We're Going Gospel
Track: Just click on it
Artist: Jónsi & John Powell
Track: Where No One Goes
Artist: NICO Touches the Walls
Track: 天地ガエシ

i have just seen someone cite the source of a picture they posted as “anime”

thanks for that.  so helpful


ooooooooooh my god some people are just so cute i can’t even take ittttttttttt

of course the two cutest people comment on this